obviously that painting was supposed to be symbolic of the fact that Mr. Schnee is the only member of that family who is really happy. And I wonder if Clyde has like, split personality disorder? Or he can just change his eyes however he wants.

As for what's going on with Juane, I'll bet at this point, he does those sessions less for practice and more so he can hear Pyrrha'a voice. but maybe he will see her again. Maybe those dreams mean that Pyrrha isn't exactly dead and she wants to find her way back to him, which conflicts with my other idea. Remember when Juane and Ruby met? A lot of us thought maybe he'd be her love interest. Well the thought occurred to me, that might just happen now after all. might.


Something obviously was very personal about those bandits with Ren. I think I recall Ren and Nora being orphans together? I'll have to rewatch the series. But maybe that symbol was of a bandit clan that made Ren an orphan. Just speculation.

Not a lot to go on so far.

I'll be back...