Because technically it's still Sunday if you live west of the Rocky Mountains.


Movie Night's gonna be a day early this week in celebration of Halloween! Starting Monday at 8 PM CT, join us as we turn the dial back a bit and enjoy a classic horror with Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein!


You may not have heard already, probably because we didn't make too much of an effort to tell you, but we're going to be taking part in the RT Community Extra Life Stream happening this Saturday and Sunday! We, along with twenty-four other amazing community groups, will be streaming throughout the course of 25 hours (Daylight Savings whaddup) to help raise money for this year's Extra Life. Our group will be featured on the Rooster Teeth stream at 1 PM CT on Saturday, but we're going to be streaming throughout the day with some awesome Halo 5! Our own stream is going to kick off right at 12 PM CT, so hop on the server and join us if you want in on the fun, and if you're able, donate! It's for the kids! We'll be tweeting links out at the time of the stream so you all can tune in!


Due to our previous update being literally eaten by the site and the news we shared last week, there's a slight postponement on our Art Contest, but we promise it's coming. We're also hoping to get Trivia Night up and fully running hopefully by the start of the new year. If you have any inclination to host, please do not hesitate in sending @James a message with a preferred date and theme! You'll make his day. As always, you can also post in the Trivia Night topic for hosting, and if you'd like to suggest a movie for Movie Night, this is your go-to.

That'll be all from us. We hope you all have a Happy Halloween and we hope to see you Saturday!