I apologize for the second post today!  Shortly after the previous news post, Rooster Teeth announced they are hosting a Secret Santa exchange. This caused some confusion across the community, so I wanted to take a minute to clear some things up.

1) This group and exchange are community run. This is our 4th year organizing this event, and it is a culmination of efforts from a variety of active community members to bring it together. We are completely separate from the event that was announced earlier today, and we were just as surprised as you were about it.

2) We are still on! The appearance of the "official" RT exchange has no bearing on us! If you've found us because of their announcement, we welcome you and hope you'll be a part of our event!

3) You can be in both! Because these are separate and have separate procedures and expectations, some people were concerned they had to choose. Nope! If you want to be in both, you can be in both! Just be aware that we are separate, so we cannot help you with any information regarding the RT one, just as they cannot help you with any information regarding the community run version.

Our deadline for signing up is November 24. You can sign up by visiting the group forum, and going to the forum thread that is relevant to you (they're split up by region so we can group people together to keep shipping costs down). Be sure you read the first post in the thread, as that contains all of the rules and expectations you are agreeing to when you sign up. Don't be scared off if your thread doesn't have a lot of responses right now! Go ahead and sign up, and if there's too few people we have alternative plans ready to be offered up to still get you in on the action.

If you have any questions, please let us know in a comment here!


The RT Community Secret Santa Team