I know some of you have been waiting well over a year for some concrete news on The Eleven Little Roosters, and today I finally get to share some details -- including ACTUAL RELEASE DATES (more on that in a sec).

The spiritual successor to Ten Little Roosters, Eleven follows the exploits of the Rooster Corps, an alliance of spy agencies that’s been infiltrated by a mole. And as our saboteur pits the assassins against each other, it’ll be up to you to decipher the clues... And uncover who will be taken out next.

Now, I said “dates” because The Eleven Little Roosters actually comes in two parts -- in two different mediums, to be exact -- that intertwine for one sprawling, interactive tale of intrigue, espionage… and murder! 

First up, starting December 20th:


In the grand tradition of The Beatles and One Direction -- if they’d been hitmen -- get ready to meet The Sex von Shaukel Boyz, Europe’s hottest boyband/assassin squad! What started as a Sex Swing cover band soon became a global music-murdering phenomenon -- who now stands as Germany’s representatives to the Rooster Corps.

Follow the Boyz on their World Assassination Tour, as they travel to four exotic locations and eliminate their enemies live on stage! Be right in the audience -- and stereoscopic 3D -- as lead singer Wilhelm (James Willems), beat master Brüce (Bruce Greene), lead dancer Lars (Lawrence Sonntag), and bad boy Koko (Adam Kovic) tear up the stage -- and take out their targets. Plus, search for clues and puzzles designed specifically for a 360 environment!

Then, rejoin the Sex von Shaukel Boyz on January 16th for:


International espionage has become a peaceful, regulated market, thanks to the alliance of the Rooster Corps -- eleven intelligence agencies bonded under the leadership of The Big Cock (“Cock” as in for “Rooster,” GAH). But after one of the “Little Roosters” is duped into assassinating another, an emergency investigation is called to smoke out the saboteur in their midst.

But this traitor has a plan... A plan to turn the Roosters’ fears and tensions into action...

To pit the agencies against each other, and let them destroy themselves...

And fill the vacuum of global power as the last assassin standing.

And now, it’s up to you to uncover who will be taken out next, in a sprawling metagame filled with coded imagery, dialogue riddles, and secret audio cues -- all baked right into the show.


For those who played along with Ten Little Roosters, things function a bit differently this time around. Last time, you were guessing Murder Weapon and Victim. This time, as the agencies turn on each other, you’ll be selecting WHO will take out WHO each week. 

Or, more specifically, you'll be choosing each week's Assassin and Target.

We’ll get into further detail a bit closer to release (including some pretty awesome weekly and grand prizes), but a few nuggets for now:

  • You’ll be looking for very specific things each episode, hidden in very different ways.

  • Finding all the clues in a week will give you the exact answer this time.

  • The 360 videos are all part of the same game

  • Oh, and prepared to think outside the box when watching. We’ve got some Kojima-level puzzles to boggle your brain.


As you may have gleaned, the titular Little Roosters are not people, but SPY AGENCIES... Which can have more than one representative (like the 4-man Sex von Schaukel Boyz). This means our cast of players is a bit bigger than last time.

Now, I know the question on everyone’s mind is: Will Geoff actually be in this? 

And my answer is… I’m not telling yet, cause we’ll be announcing new additions to our roster every week. We have lots of cool surprises and additions, but for now, I’d like you to meet our resident Canadian assassin… AGENT MOOSE.


That’s all for the moment, but I’ll be shooting out lots of new info leading up to release.

Blaine and I have been working tirelessly to give you a great spy comedy AND a fun interactive experience, and I think you’re in for something really cool (and far superior to Ten Little Roosters, in my humble opinion). 

Oh, and one last thing:

The Eleven Little Roosters is a standalone series -- you don’t need to have seen Ten Little Roosters or know anything about Rooster Teeth lore to enjoy the story OR play the game.

You mission begins December 20th.