Funko sent me a Marvel Collectors Corps box as a holiday gift for being subscribed to Smuggler’s Bounty!

Sadly, of all the Marvel franchises I grew up loving, I’ve never really been into Spider-Man, which is the theme they sent me.  So I’ll probably end up selling the whole box.

Also, its a hat instead of a shirt, which makes it double easy to sell. (I wear the x-small shirts, so thats a relief)

Nice of them to send it though.
(So glad it wasn’t the Joker DC one.  I just have a character I’m indifferent to, rather than loathe. XD)

If anyone is interested, hit me up via message.  They've been going for about $45 on ebay, but I want to give friends a chance at it first.


-Baseball cap

-Fabrikations Plush

- Exclusive action pose spiderman Pop!

-Spiderman pin

-Spiderman Patch

-Funko Spiderman Comic

-Info page giving details on each item and its development