Hey Everyone!

Wow! So it's been two months already since our last update, how the time flies!  We have some cool things upcoming this year, so stayed tuned for a World Community Update here soon!

But for now, let us turn our attention to #RTX2017.

If y'all don't already know, the time is nigh for RTX Sydney and if you are some of the lucky folk who will be attending this year's convention.  This is for you!

If you are not heading to RTX Sydney, but are planning on going to RTX Austin this year, this is for you!

Every year there are tons of reminders that go out.  And some of them can get lost to the sands of time.  This year, we're trying out something that might be helpful to you lucky RTX goers.  A massive link dump to all things helpful & a quick reminder FYI.

You ready? 

Guardian Info (Dates, what to expect as a first time guardian & general public info regarding all things guardian): 

Check this out for @SailorTweek 's awesome reminder/ general FAQ regarding 2017 Guardians.

General news blurb about guardian email results & FAQ before you panic about your status. If you applied to be a guardian for RTX Austin, this is for you. RTX Sydney applications were sent out on 3rd of January. 

Note: Mary is not in charge of Sydney applications.

Here is a phenomenal video by @kriss explaining guardianship...kinda. Either way, if you're going to be a guardian, watch this. It'll help take the fear out of (or put it in) you. =D

On a more serious side of things. This journal does a great job at describing how the guardian life actually is.  Sometimes a healthy reminder and a reality check is what can help you decide if being a guardian is right for you.

A pre-2016 RTX guardian expectation journal. Handy to remember for both new & old guardians.

An amazing journal by long time guardian @BlackPenguin giving you a blow by blow of what to expect as a guardian from moment 1 to RTX floor ready.  If you've gotten your acceptance email & are having second thoughts about being a guardian, this journal is for you!

Attending RTX (Con happiness, dates & general con info)

http://www.rtxaustin.com  <--- Link

Tix releases are as follows: Jan 9th, Double Gold members (must use code)

January 11th, First Members (code)

January 13th, Public (no code needed)

RTX Austin dates are July 7th-9th 2017

Need more info for RTX Austin?  Find that Here!

http://rtxsydney.com  <---- Link

Tix are still available!  Buy them here!

RTX Sydney dates are Feb 4th & 5th 2017!

More info from Bethany regarding RTX Sydney here!

A stolen journal from our own @MrArcys detailing all the lovely reasons why you should follow  @RTXLines (note: these are two different hyperlinks)  RTXLines is a helpful way to keep up-to-date & is applicable to RTX Austin!

Additionally, downloading the RTX app!  Super helpful.  Find it on a phone near you!

Lastly, Convention prep 101 a great, quick reminder of good practices to keep in mind when attending ANY convention, not just RTX.  But as you are all here for RTX, bear this in mind!

Are you fresh to conventions? Never been to a panel? Awesome person @niriall has you covered with her amazing journal on Panel questions! Highly suggested for attendees old & new!

In town for more than just RTXAustin? Local resident & community member @Ratatoskr has you covered with things to do & stuff to see in Austin! Check out this Austin, TX community compiled guide here!

Not sure if you can afford RTX? Awesome numbers gal & resident badass @ErinM has you covered! Check out her tips & tricks to get to RTX with money in hand & with money still in the bank!  Please note, this guide was more intended for the RTX Austin event, but general tips regarding how to save & what you can afford are any event applicable!

Have more questions that the above links don't answer? Ask them in the RTX 2017 Questions & Help thread! Experienced Guardians and attendees are keeping an eye on this forum and are ready to answer, or to find the answer to, all of your burning RTX questions!

Additional info: What's good?  What did we miss? Journals or info dumps we need to add in?  Let us know in the comments & please link for us so we can help keep the community up to date!  Wanna be like Steven Tyler & not miss a thing? Put this news post on follow & we will keep updating this as long as we get more info to pass on!

Welp, that's all for now! 

See you at the movies RTX!

-Your fellow cockbites