Its that time again! Let’s open it up!


Patch and pin this time are Yoda and Lando.  Lando can make even a pin look dashing.


No shirt this time.  This box has….socks.  Which are likely too small for me.  I have to wear their extra small shirts, but if their socks have sizes, then their extra small is almost certain to die a sad death after one use.  They’re pretty thin, and I have annoyingly long toes that have a habit of killing socks. So not much of an impressive item for me.



But the Deluxe Pop is so cute!  Its Han riding a Tauntaun! (Nevermind what’s going to happen to the poor thing later….. I’ll try not to think about that.)  Its the only pop in the box, mostly cause it’s so big.  But I do like it quite a lot!


A little Wampa plush was in the box as well. Its so cute! And very, very soft.  I love it.   

Who’s a cute little snow monster?


Overall, mostly good.  I loved the pop and plush, and look forward to putting them on display.  Not all that thrilled about the socks though, and I like getting socks.  I just like getting useful socks, which these really aren’t. I actually was looking forward to an Empire Strikes Back shirt, since it was my favorite original SW film growing up.  Ah well. I’ll find someone who likes trooper socks. 

The next box arrives in March, and will be Star Wars: Rebels themed.  I have my fingers crossed for a cool Ahsoka or Sabine item!

BTW, I am still looking for someone who is interested in buying a Spiderman themed box from me. If you’re curious about it, please message me!