Two years on, we still miss Monty's drive, his spirit. His goal was not to live forever but to leave something behind that does. In continuing the adventures of Team RWBY, and in pushing ourselves to go further with each and every story we tell, RT Animation is doing what we can to grow that legacy as much as possible.

RT Animation just moved into a new facility, and we wanted to be very sure to keep a sense of Monty's spark with us. We are dedicating The Monty Oum Performance Capture Stage in his honor.  We hope that as the team enters the new mocap area to bring characters to life, they take a moment to summon a little extra energy, get more motivated, and are surprised to discover even more creativity than they ever knew they had.

Thank you to the fans who sent us the star registry certificates, the plaque, and all his fan art that we will be adding over time.

Thanks for everything, Monty.

With love,

Rooster Teeth Animation