This is your annual reminder that on February 14th you should write nice things to people! Warm Fuzzies give you the opportunity to take a day meant to celebrate romantic love and use it to celebrate all kinds of relationships. So find at least three people--close friends or acquaintances or new people on the site or whoever--and write a nice note in their Rooster Teeth comments. Of course, you can even further extend this if you'd like by using Twitter, Facebook, IRL cards/notes, etc. The note can be short ("You're awesome and I'm glad we're friends!") or a huge letter. It's all up to you. Just spread the love!


I also wanted to tease that I have a 24-hour stream in the works for February 18th-19th. I'm just trying to secure one last streamer to get it all sorted (if you'd like to volunteer and you've streamed before, message me!), and then I'll need to get the promo materials together. But keep an eye out for that soon!