Hello all~

And with that, Volume 4 comes to a close!  So much has been going on and it has been a crazy time recently with so many ups and downs.  However, being part of RWBY and the community was definitely a high point!  Thank you everyone for cheering me on this season.  d^_^  It was great reading your comments and seeing your reactions and I hope all of you enjoyed it!

I also want to say thank you to Rooster Teeth for bringing me on for Chibi and Grimm Eclipse.  Being cast for a spin off show and even a video game was not something I anticipated when I began voicing Ren.  I cannot express enough how much I appreciate the opportunity to contribute and their efforts to expand RWBY.  =)

In particular though, to Miles, Gray, Kerry and everyone else who took part when I was recording, I want to say thanks for being patient with me.  I'm still relatively inexperienced and honestly, I think I could have done better for Volume 4 (I feel like I did a better job on Chibi).  However, I could not have done it without your guidance on how to control my voice in certain ways or express certain feelings when reading lines.

Before closing, I want to say again how much the animators, staff, writers, artists and all of CRWBY should be recognized.  They are the ones who spent hours upon hours to bring the characters to life and keep the show going.  Without them, my brother's work would not be continuing.

It will be a while before Volume 5.  In the meantime, I am looking forward to seeing the next volume of Chibi with all of you!  \^_^/

Thank you everyone!  Till then!

Neath Oum

メッセージの翻訳は以下です。この翻訳にも多分色々のミスがあります。すみません! =P


それで、4期が終わりです!今、一杯があって、最近時節柄に波乱万丈があります。だが、RWBYとコミュニティーに一役買うのが見所でした!この期に皆さんは私を応援してくれて、有難うございます。  d^_^  皆さんのコメントを読むとリアクションを見て凄かったし、皆さんは楽しなったと希望しています!

ChibiとGrimm Eclipseに誘ってくれて、Rooster Teethにも有難うと言いたいです。スピンオフとゲームのキャストメンバーになることが期しませんでした。手伝う機会とRooster Teethの方々の尽力についてどのぐらい感謝しているのがちゃんと言えません。  =)



5期までにちょっと長い間です。とりあえず、皆さんと一緒でChibiの次の期を見るのが楽しみしています!  \^_^/