I've been waiting for a while for the perfect time to make my reveal of just what the possibly slightly irksome pop-culture referencing in-joke elaborate shenanigan!  I'd planned out a video, and it dawned on me that #rtcommunityday would be quite possibly the best time!

But my mic sucks and complications with editing came up...

SO NOW I've made several albums across social media showing it off.

What is it?

Why nothing else than a cosplay of my favorite RvB character, Project Freelancer's Recursive Revenant: Church inspired by his last line and it's connection to the George Michael song "Faith"

Here's some of the pictures you can also find on other social media too!

Ever since the introduction of the revenant idea from Burnie in season eight I've been toying with this idea but didn't think the similarities of Revenge and Revenant were enough to go off of.  Then came the kismet of the emotional final line of Epsilon. 

I knew what I had to do.

After RvB 14 ended (a whole year, yeah, but a year where I started to cosplay and got the money to get all the pieces I needed and time to plan it and other things) I was pretty set on doing this so I acrewed what I needed to as it became convienent.  Then, I found myself with all that I needed about a week ago.  So obviously I made it then. 

I don't want to rehash too much else I'll probably say in the video once I finish it, but for now here's two more parts to the shenanigan. 

Yes, I plan to wear it to a RT community event of some sort (as appropriate (I wear suits to our big deal movie nights)).

If I'm going to RTX this year, I'm taking it with me and wearing it on RvB panel day.

What do you all think?

Talk to you soon.



The video is not of a releasable quality, even by my poor standards.  However, it was an exercise in my ongoing quest to make actually decient videos so It was a success in that I learned how to avoid and fix the problems which ruined this video in the future.

I liked the way this post rounded out too anyway so now  I'll finish with some fun facts and Easter Eggs.

-The inspirations for this (as seen by the images in the album) are more or less my headcannon for what Church "looks like" which is a combination of the way Tex would probably picture Church (a younger Director) and the Luke McKay season 3 drawing of the the character.  It's enough of a stretch to give that image Aviators and push to George Michael, and after that, well, I'm a scruffy white-guy with glasses and a goatee...  (And yes, because I'm a ginger a Sigma cosplay is always a possibility.)

-This is an Epsilon Church jacket.  All of the known fragments are present under "Recursive" with Epsilon at the lead. My reasoning behind this is that the "Alpha" Epsilon personality is all of those AI fragments tied together by Epsilon.  There also is some method to the order of them all.  Beta is in black because of her status as just a kindly preserved memory now.

-Painting the jacket took two days to complete (to full dryness).

-The light blue paint was wetter and thinner than the white and black which made it the most annoying to apply (and wait for it to dry and reapply).  However, that's because it's glow-in-the-dark fabric paint (and I figure is thus chemically different that regular hues).  It's a little AI-insipired touch I thought was worth it.  (I also used pretty much all of the more expensive smaller bottle.)

-The font I used as a basis for the "Recursive Revenant" portion of the back is Courier New, which I think looks enough like coding font.

-The dog tag used is the "I Saw It First" Lazer Team one I received for booking my premier night ticket for the show.

-I made a big deal on twitter on how expensive and difficult I thought finding the blue aviators would be.  I got it and a second pair of round green "Ozpin" shades in a thrift shop for seven dollars just a few weeks later.

That's all but one more Easter Egg (that I'm keeping close to my chest until the if and when of you seeing it in person).  What're your thoughts of the whole thing now?  Is there a referential cosplay you've done or considered? 



Here's two songs for y'all this month!