This Friday's gif is one of Sirca's shrine maidens. Her name is Lily, and I hope @Kaoru27Umi doesn't mind that I abducted her chupababy and indoctrinated her into a life of servitude.


These maidens tend to the grounds around the many mysterious, ancient structures dotting the ring-world, provide shelter to travelers and soldiers, and facilitate worship and prayer to the chupas' ancestors (many shrines double as burial grounds.)

There's some debate between scholars and theologians over who built the shrines: Omegite texts say Lord Omega raised them from the earth as monuments to the fallen Predecessors, while some archaeologists wonder if they've been around even longer than chupa-kind. 

Shrine maidens have interesting standing on Sirca, politically-speaking. Although they're not Omegites, they are considered clergy for taxation purposes, and the spiritual nature of their service is one of the only kinds tolerated under the House of Omega.