Over in the forums we've been snapping at any #RvB15 information we can get.  We're less than two weeks away from the 14th anniversary of the SHOW AND THE COMPANY, PEOPLE!  That's no conformation of anything, but just something to note by itself.


As we prepare for the season, I think it's only appropriate I get myself ready for full crackpot mode by making a list of all the things I DO know for sure.  And I may as well share that information.  (And it came up in the forums more naturally...)

So, here's an itemized list of things we know about the upcoming season or can very reliably speculate.  This will be a post I revisit as we learn more prior to the premiere so feel free to comment anything you can think of, or if you just want to stay as on top of it as me, comment for updates/follow the post.

Things We Know about Season 15 (Even Tangentially) As of 3:46PM 3/27/2017

-The story summary states a new plot-driving character who is a reporter investigating the Reds and the Blues and their possible connections to the brewing Human-Alien conflicts in the colony worlds (IE Chorus and the SImulation System)

-The reporter is female.  This is only important because we can slightly speculate to the possible in-house RT actresses who haven't played roles and what her personality might bring to the character.  External actresses are possible but not as fruitful for speculation.  Too many.

-There is an unknown timejump between seasons, but it is likely within months like most previous ones.

-Writing and Directing has been handed over to Joe Nicolosi who wrote, directed, and animated Brick Gultch, the RvBVR shorts, and his own comedy shorts, animations, and skits.

-Miles, Burnie, and Matt are still involved with story to a degree.

-Kerry was present at the RTX AU panel for RvB.

-Machinima is being done in Halo 5

-Machinima has been done in a night-time variant of an industrial map with a city skybox that in Halo lore is a colony world.

-Brandon and Kerry have commented on recording lines, meaning that Palomo and Bitters will return for speaking roles.

- Geoff has confirmed he has/will be recording lines.  As has Gus.  (I'm just putting this here to be through.)

-Church's plan to delete himself has (for all intents and purposes of the current plan) succeded and some new form of the fragment personas will be returning.  This fact has been compounded by the recap video.

-There's a hidden gem in a few recent posts by RT that I'm not sure if anyone here caught onto.  I don't want to ruin the surprise, BUT several official RT posts in the pre season 15 hype building in the forums and on other social platforms have mentioned Sister.  And not just a mention, but with enough importance to consider her extened return in 15 as being almost garunteed.  It was tucked nicely into the post about Wash AND Sister lines, true, but she keeps coming up publicly.

-It has been discussed that retro/classic merch could return to the store sometime soon.  This includes the Red vs Blue Jersey shirts which appeared very early on.  Gavin is lobbying for Grif's to be the original intended 69 rather than 22. 

-Red vs Blue Season 15 will begin on April 2nd and probably will continue in the Sunday animation slot.  

-Promotional materials for Season 15 show Donut, Sarge, Caboose, and Tucker in animated poses.  Tucker is in the standard Halo 5 Moljnir armor instead of the Hephaestus (The Charon Meta Suit).  It is unknown if he is wearing an altered suit or if he gave it up.

-A misleading banner was made for social media.  The premiere still will be on the 2nd, NOT THE 4th.




-A trailer launched showing the Journalist and her team embarking on a quest to find the "Reds and Blues" who seem to be attacking colony worlds with weapons that don't really match up with the idiots we know.  Another villain with weird armor is stalking everyone too.  Eventually the News Team will got to Blood Gulch and find Sister.