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Shrine maidens come from all kinds of families, yet during a holy war the majority of them are orphans, their parents slain in battle. Maidens are valued as mediums and credited with the power to banish evil and grant good luck to visitors of their shrine. A maiden is bound to her shrine by a vow of chastity that makes them “spiritually pure” enough to communicate with spirits that haunt the grounds.  The vow also provides for the only way to officially leave the Maiden Sisterhood: once a maiden finds a mate, they are dismissed from their shrine. This is generally considered more lenient than Omegite sects, where clergy are bound to serve for life, and desertion is punished by death.

How's everyone been? I've been juggling this update and a new animation project. It's tough! I gotta wake up early in the morning for this shit (today it was 6:45, and not even early enough.) Having a blast, though--will always love mah chupas.

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