Many of you have been a part of this channel for years. James and I have been with the channel since it's very early days. The days when the queue would explode, get deleted, and quickly fill back to hundreds if not thousands of videos.

By now I'm sure you're mostly all aware of James' departure for his new career with Team17. While a lot of what the channel has become was presented by myself and driven by all of you talented individuals, James was immensely hands-on with his community outreach and engagement. Before he left he was able to upload a few weeks' worth of content to continue sharing the passion and creativity of the Let's Play community.

It's been during these weeks that we've been trying to assess what to do with the community channel. We could go back to simply uploading content as it's submitted, but before the change from AH Community to LetsPlay Community, we noticed that content wasn't being shared and enjoyed as it deserved by going through the paces like that.

The channel, the community, and all of you should have someone who can dedicate a large amount of their time staying in touch with you, knowing you, reaching out to new community contributors, managing social media, generating ideas, understanding the brand, etc. There are so many things that this channel needs and deserves, and unfortunately we're not in a place where we can comfortably provide that.

While I can't say the channel is at an end, it will be on a hiatus. As of today, there will no longer be any new content appearing on the channel. If you have submitted things, those videos are yours to keep, post, and share for yourselves. Please refrain from using RoosterTeeth-owned assets, like the intro/outro bumpers, if you decide to post elsewhere.

This is certainly not my most preferred direction for the channel, and hopefully we can get back to it before you know it. Thanks for all your creativity and time! We'll be seeing you around the website and other platforms no doubt, so don't be discouraged and keep kicking ass!

Thanks everyone,

Trevor <3