Hey guys!

Super psyched to announce that we've teamed with Bioware to make an out of this world episode of Immersion based around Mass Effect! In this episode, we're testing whether the biotic ability "Charge" has a practical use on the field of battle. There's space aliens, space outlaws, space guns and space injuries! 

When deciding what game mechanic to test, we went with the Charge ability; not only because it would look awesome visually, but we also wanted a fun challenge for our Lab Rats. It seemed like the best attack to translate from the game world into the real world while also being the perfect opportunity to zoom Michael and Gavin around a studio and shoot at them with paintball guns.

This was an awesome production to be a part of for many reasons - one of which was seeing the incredible job our art and wardrobe departments did to recreate the look of Mass Effect. Stepping into the studio was like entering a futuristic space hangar, and our Outlaws and Kett looked friggin' awesome. Not to mention the Pathfinder armor Michael and Gavin wore looked like it was straight from the game. All that combined with an incredible stunt wiring team that allowed Michael and Gavin to charge around the battlefield made for a fun day of shooting.

We hope y'all love it as much as we loved making it. Enjoy!