Oh hey, featured user! Thanks! I should probably introduce myself. My name is Phoenix, I've been a part of the AH Community/Let's Play Community making videos and appearing in videos since November 2015. I also create stuff on my own YouTube channel where I make let's plays of my own. In my past, I used to direct short films and webseries of my own creation, of which I will occasionally share stories about here. I try to post once a week with all the content I've been in. I live in Austin, so if there's any Austin community members, remember that the RT Austin group has weekly meetups at Torchy's where I try to always show up to. (You may even be able to see me in the background of some early Million Dollars But episodes)

I think this may be my first time as featured user. This profile was started in 2010, but I have another profile that I had long forgotten the password of that I made in 2005, you can even mind it online with all my shitty, horrible, high school annoyances on (amon_knives). I was what the kids now call and edgelord. So yeah, it's awesome to get featured user!

So, sharing a few highlights of what I do, check them out. And even though the channel is on hiatus, go subscribe to the Let's Play Community and help us raise community interest in bringing the channel back!