I've been seeing a lot of posts asking how to get into the community on the RT site lately and I'm getting tired of writing the same thing over and over again, so this journal is going to act as a general manual on how to navigate the site and use it most effectively. To cut down on reading, there will be no jokes (not even dick jokes, trust me it hurts me more than you) and I'll write info down as concisely as possible.

After you've got the basics down, check out this follow up journal on how to actively contribute!

And here's a list of local community groups, along the left side of the group page.


The TL;DR is that there was a semi-rushed migration in 2015 to the current site and it's got some fixing up to do before it is in good shape. It's not terrible, but there are improvements to be made. If it is beyond your patience, come back in a few months. It has been announced that the community portion of the website will be worked on in the summer. Otherwise, we'd be happy to see you around!~

BUG REPORTS: Comment on this journal with detailed info of the problem, browser, and OS

- As a user you have the ability to post journals, create groups (admins make group news posts), post in/create threads, and send private messages (currently only two-way)

- Customize your profile! Hover over/click on your username in the top right hand corner and click on My Profile. From there you can add info
- Add friends! Make friends. Do it. Now. You can follow/message/friend people via buttons on their profiles

    • If you need to find your pending friend requests, hover over your avatar in the up corner, My Settings, and there is a tab for pending requests
- You can also comment on journals, news, and videos. Further, you can reply to journal/news comments. To use this effectively, see the QUIRKS section below.
- The format of the website depends on the resolution of the screen you are using. The instructions below apply to the format used with most computer monitors, but it doesn't differ much from mobile version.
- The front page shows latest videos and featured news posts from RT Staff, all can be commented on and modded when you click through the title

- Lil stars? Users with one star next to their usernames are FIRST members, double stars are Double Gold FIRST members. See the FIRST menu above to learn more about joining these services

- The site can be accessed from different portals (Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, The Know, etc).

- Each post has a mod value. Users can add or neg mod via a drop down menu at the bottom of each post
- Like or agree with something? Mod that shit
- Popular Content is determined by mod value (more below)

~NOTIFICAITONS (+ relevant misc info)~
- Notifications stack, meaning all new posts to a single thread will be represented by one notification until cleared. Regarding user journals, if you post several in a row, followers will only be notified about the latest journal
- Notifications appear when:
   • Someone you follow posts a journal
   • A new post appears in a followed thread (you will autofollow any thread you post in)
   • A new episode appears in a followed series (I've been told it's very buggy, though)
   • Someone comments on your journal
   • Someone replies to your comment within a journal
   • Someone tags you (To tag - @ symbol + username without punctuation folllowing, ex @Lamkia )
   • Someone sends you a friend request

- Notifications DO NOT appear for

   • New uploaded images (people have issues with uploading images anyway, I suggest uploading somewhere else and then posting them as a journal)

   • New image comments
   • New threads (will show up on the dashboard, though)
   • New followers

- Images on the internet - copy the direct address to the image (often right clicking the image offers the option to copy this) and paste it to the text editor. The image will automatically populate after you paste the address
- Local images - Personal albums are hella buggy. Upload them elsewhere (like through imgur) and then use the directions in the above point

- Under the Community menu
- Activity from your followed users appears here, unlike notifications it also includes threads
- On the left are a few handy feeds for filtering content, pretty self explanatory
- Don't be afraid to pop open the Everyone Feed and comment on stuff! It's one of the best ways to get to know people

- Under the Community menu, have their own subforums (accessible through their group page), some have their own chat tabs
- Have the ability to publish news posts, all followers will be alerted
- Joining group =/= following group, these are separate actions
- Active groups to consider following -
- RT Radio - 3 shows a week, awesome people to chat with, great music! Go to the chat tab on the group page to join in
- RT World - includes a list of local community groups

- RT Poppycock - Overseen by RT's own Becca (voice of Sister in RvB), posts humorous articles, expands on topics from the RT Podcast, hosts Fanart Friday
- Official Web Development Group
- Your own local group! If applicable

- Under the Community menu
- Forums aren't organized the best way right now and will hopefully be restructured soon. At this point I suggest browsing the Gen Discussion and FIRST forums and then others depending on your interest!
- *Always read the first post

- You autofollow threads you post in
- Consider lurking in an active thread for a little or reading the last few posts before jumping right in. Otherwise feel free to post in old threads.

- 1337 speak is generally discouraged
- Otherwise they function just like elsewhere on the internet, have at it!
- Next journal will feature worthwhile threads, will link here after


- One of the tabs each profile has, allows users to submit questions for the user to answer

- The person receiving the question will get an alert, the asker will get an alert when answered

- Under the Community menu
- Journals and group news with the highest mod values over the past 2 days will appear here (not threads)
- A great way to get the feel for the community and interact with active users, comment on the posts if you have something to say about it!


- Everyday on the front page and on the main forum page a new user will be featured

- The people are hand chosen and put into a queue. If the queue runs out, random users are featured

- I don't know what guidelines the current FU picker has, but generally you should be an active and contributing member of the community if you wan to be chosen

- Feel free to leave the FU a comment in congrats!

- Spam and posts with content violating ToU can be reported via the little itty bitty red flags for review
- Currently there is no way to formally report a user. If you have an issue with a user, contact an admin or flag the relevant post
- Unfortunately, there is no way to block users right now

- Don't be a dick or @THE_HAND will say something. THIS IS BAD.

~QUIRKS /BUGS/ISSUES/What have you~
- If you post several journals in a row, followers will only be notified about the latest journal. Consider spacing out journals by a day or so for best visibility
- Friending someone =/= following them, following must be done separately
- New images and image comments don't send notifications
- This is one even regular users have trouble with (ie pls read this) - When replying to a journal comment, only the user who posted the original comment will be notified 

Image for clarification, arrows show directions notifications are sent:

Only User1 is getting notifications about these replies. If User1 wants User2 and User3 to get notified about their reply, User1 MUST TAG THEM using @ + username (ex @Lamkia ) in the body of the comment reply. Also, applies to User3 if they want to notify User2. Make sense?

- Editing a journal resends notifications about it! So think twice before fixing a comma from a year old journal
-The WYSIWYG text editor has issues in Firefox, but there are issues cross platform as well

- When a new page is added to a thread, it takes a little bit of time before the page count updates and new post notifications might be a little finicky

- Overtime some images linked from Tumblr stop appearing for some reason
- I know there are more, but I can't think of any other big ones, just little ones not really worthy of comment, let me know in the comments of known bugs/workarounds!

- Some misc functionalities like the "open in a new tab" option when posting a journal don't work (nor do any links on the site in general open in a new tab while browsing)

- Embedding videos in a post is tricky. I've seen embedded codes work in journals, but in comments and threads you should link to the video instead 

WHEW, okay. So this is functioning as a basic guide for new users. Look back at the top of this journal for extra info about effectively participating. Have a question? ASK ALL THE QUESTIONS in the comments. 

And if you're new


~ Mish