Hey-0 friends, grab yourself a mug of root-beer and a knife because we’re about to cut into another 008 FUNboxing!


Today we’ve got the actual April 2017 #RTBOX and it was a pretty good one.


And I say actual because I got confused by the delayed deliveries deal and called the March one the April one as well.  Ooops!



The first thing in the box was in another box.  It intrigued me, and it’s pretty lucky that was the thing on top.



Well, shit.  It’s a Relationship Goals picture frame.  That’s pretty cool.  Since I’m not in a relationship I’ve got no personal use for it. BUT…




This month’s letter revealed that the theme is friendship (kind of loosely I think, but they can’t all be Mardi Gras) and if you don’t have a relationship Chris? provided you a picture that fits the frame.  However, I keep the letters because they are cool so I instead will be putting another great relationship in the frame.



Or maybe something else.  I’m working my options still.




Speaking of things I keep, it’s the Red vs Blue Gold Card this month and I got a signed one!  It’s super cool, but does anyone recognize these signatures?  I think the one on the right might be @Miles but there’s one that’s a star shaped one too.



The sticker this month (because the latest post about the boxes intimated that we’re getting one sticker each month) is a Minecraft? Themed Cow Chop one…  I haven’t watched any of their stuff yet.  I may fix that this week.



Next, and super awesome for me, is a PS4/XboxOne code for the beta of Paladins which as best as I can figure is a magicy shooty MOBA which sounds like a cool thing on its own but it’s not a Steam code.  I don’t have steam because I hear it’s dangerous for money and I’m not a PC gamer very much.  It’s cool to have options like this and I hope they continue offering them.  (Also, I’ll likely be downloading the game tomorrow so I’ll tell y’all what I think then.)



There was another piece of Sex Swing merch this month, this pin which I didn’t recognize but I also only watched the first and last episode.  Sex Swing didn’t really land with me.  I don’t know, the first episode didn’t grab me and I only watched the last because I wanted to see the Billy Zane jokes…  Interesting but not pushing me to go and watch the series.


I will say the best thing about this pin was the printing on the other side.  It would be really awesome if this becomes like a Disney pins thing and not only do we get a special Double Gold one each time, but pins show up in the store more.



Next up is the shirt that I don’t really need to tease if you read my last RTbox post or saw the tweet or look at the bit of the image already viewable.  But I took a reveal picture so I’m using it!



It’s an adorable RWBY Chibi t-shirt in my favorite colors (light blue and rose pink) and it has all of the best characters!  …and Mercury.  I can’t wait to wear this and my Boop socks to some RWBY event. 



Last, but not least at all, we have this thing…



What is it?  It’s inflateable…  I should give it a go.





Okay, I don’t know if it’s just mine or not, but this #StopDolphinPoaching beach ball is HARD to inflate up by mouth.  It’s one of those intake pieces that is made to be difficult to deflate I think but still.  Anyway, this was pretty badass as a thing to get in the box.  It’s a small enough joke that full merch isn’t needed but to as big a fan that gets the RTBox, it’s a joke I know and love and feels special to have.  It’s in line with the last shirt, the Double Gold hat, and Zwei butt mousepad (and upon reflection the Tee-kill-a pin is probably like that to fans of Sex Swing too).  Really happy to have this in my collection.  (Also, sorry about the glare, it was that or not be able to see at all.)



The final verdict is this is a pretty fun box and I’m probably going to get use out of a lot of it.  It’s also a great preview of the revamped more-customized versions of the box coming next month. 


See y’all next time!



I went ahead and did it anyway.