Today is our final pilot episode of Glitch Please for FIRST members so I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who's been watching and offering feedback to help us make tweaks, and to share some details about what's next.

First, the thanks. Seriously, you guys are the best and I appreciate the crap out of you. What I love about this pilot process is that we can take a concept we think we like and iterate on that concept with live feedback from you guys. And, episode by episode, it improves and finds its feet like a little show baby we're making together. You've been patient and thoughtful and enthusiastic and that means a lot to me.

For Glitch Please these iterative tweaks are most visible in segments like the News Speedrun. Initially we thought having a time limit on the discussion would keep it fast-paced and keep us from getting off in the weeds, but as that didn't play we tried a couple different ways of structuring it until we've found one that seems to work well for everyone. That same feedback has found its way into all the nooks and crannies of how the show works. And we'll keep making tweaks in the future too.

Now for what's next. We've got the thumbs up to enter full production, so we're working on that next, but you won't have long to wait. We're kicking the show off the first week of June. It will be available for FIRST members on June 2 and public/YouTube on June 3, and we'll have a post-show that remains exclusive to FIRST members (we're still thinking up a name for that--I suggested Secret Level. Gus suggested Level 257 in a nod to Pac Man. Leave suggestions if you've got them!).

When the show returns we'll have a set, logo, and graphics--we're not going crazy with it, but there will be some fun shiny touches--but we'll all still be huge dorks and there's really no putting polish on that one. I'll try to get some sneak peeks to share as we get it all in place.

I've mentioned in some of the pilots that we plan to do a livestream for FIRST members as well. We still plan to do that but it's not going to make it in time for launch. The broadcast studio is pretty hectic right now, between all the current shows and the projects in active development. As a result we don't always have one set day and time to record this show, and without that consistency it doesn't feel right to ask you guys to constantly be shifting your schedules to try to catch it live. Once we do get a consistent studio time, we'll kick off the streaming so we can bring in your reactions and feedback live, which is an element I really love. I'm bummed we're not launching with it, but on the bright side it means we can celebrate all over again when it starts.

ALSO, join the official Glitch Please group! This is where I've been getting prompts for some of the games, suggestions for guests, mailbag details, etc. and it's where I'd like to collect any art from the community to feature on the show or post-show and do check-ins.