Hello everybody, nice to see you again! It's been... wow, ok, it's been a year. You do a few live tours and new shows and conventions and such and time gets away from you. I'm Luis Medina, the GM of Let's Play which means I run the business operations side of RT's Let's Play family of channels.

To start off, some of you guys wonder how everything works on the business side for the different Let's Play groups and speculate on it from time to time. So as a quick guide, here's how Let's Play works in three sentences: 

  1. Let's Play groups that are "siblings" are employed by Rooster Teeth and work in-house in Austin or LA (Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, etc.). 
  2. Let's Play groups that are "cousins" are independent companies or individuals who partner with Rooster Teeth to do merchandising, sponsorships/advertisements, original programming, etc. (Cow Chop, Kinda Funny, The Creatures, Game Attack, etc.). 
  3. Let's Play is the umbrella brand we use to tie it all together, but we like for all of our groups to do their own thing and make the kind of programming they want to make and that you have chosen to watch. 

Done and done. Let's move on to the good stuff. This time around, we're going to focus on goings-on with our growing family of Let's Play cousins.


When Geoff and I were discussing the Let's Play family and the kinds of creators we wanted to work with, it was clear to us that we had a very narrow set of requirements. There are lots of great creators we watch and even some that we've worked with that haven't fit in all the ways we'd like either in front of or behind the camera. So the folks we've invited in here have really run the gauntlet. If there's anyone else you think we NEED to be working with, let us know in the comments below.

JT Machinima (LINK)

Like ScrewAttack, JT Machinima is all about creatively expressing a love for gaming and pop culture. We had to stretch our thinking of the Let's Play family to include a music-based channel, but we knew we liked them a lot and decided to make it work. 

Happily, we're now launching their merch in the RT Store today! I'm also really excited for some of the creative projects and cameos we have in the works with these guys. You'll hear their music and see their faces in a few RT productions soon.

NoahJ456 (LINK)

Ever since Noah literally dragged Achievement Hunter's limp bodies through CoD Zombies maps last year, we pretty much new we needed to have Noah close at hand. He terrorized the field in Battlefield 1 and has done it all with a pretty chill attitude. He's the Fixer, the Wolf, the guy you call when you need a dirty job done with a clean smile. 

LazarBeam (LINK)

At first I was under the impression he was a vampire, but then it was explained to me that he's on the other side of the world. Lannan is Let's Play's Australian cousin and a favorite guest in the Austin studio. Now that convention season is upon us, we'll get to see even more of him again!

Sugar Pine 7 (LINK)

Steven Suptic will not leave me alone. He won't leave any of us alone, but he haunts me like a shadow. So, I guess we might as well make it part of our work hours. 

You'll hear more about what we're cooking up with SP7 pretty soon. Honestly, you'll probably see it in a vlog first.


Here are a few highlights and links from current members of the family.

Kinda Funny

Kinda Funny Live 3!! It's a big deal and it's coming up soon. The guest list is already pretty wild and if you went KFL2 you know these gentlemen put on a show.

Oh, and they stole Andy Cortez from the RT Games team. Yes of course, he's still in the family, but I will still consider this a betrayal and once again set Andy's status to "Dead To Me."

Cow Chop

Cow Chop has had a big first year of life! And the move to LA kicked off an even bigger Year 2. Now that they have their new studio space up and running, we've been working hard to integrate them here on FIRST through the FIRST Drive, new shows like Class of 198X and CCTV on the Cock Block, and even more awesome merch.

Game Attack

You can check out Craig's post, but we've switched up how we work with Craig & Shaun which has given them a lot of freedom to keep building GA. 

So that's it for today! Be sure to check out JT Machinima's new collection on the RT Store and my favorite new show, Cow Chop's Class of 198X. Until next time, see ya!