This month's #CommunityDayFreePlay is brought to you by BIGBITE Media!

This month, we'll be test driving our brand new PC Minecraft server! Our friends at BIGBITE were kind enough to sponsor our server, so a huge shoutout to them.

We'll be playing all night on Thursday, 6.15, from 3pm CDT (4pm EDT, 1pm PDT, 9pm BST), so come join us!

-If you've got PC Minecraft and want to get in the game, the IP is mc.bigbite.media:32401

-If you want to hop into the discord, click here.

-BIGBITE.Sean will be hosting a stream in the game as well from 3-6pm CDT, so if you don't have the game and still want to hang out, he'll be on the BIGBITE Twitch channel.

-RTNY will be taking over the twitch party at 7pm CDT! They will be streaming from the RTNY Twitch channel!

So, please block out some time on Thursday to hang out with us!

Get it? Block? Like the blocks in the game? No? I'll see myself out...