You usually hear about visual artists opening up commissions, but sometimes you can commission a musician as well! Most of what I'm contracted to play are larger events, like orchestra gigs.  Every so often I'm hired to record things, like music for popular web series or solo parts for a new concerto.  I've had to get a bit creative to be able to offer something anyone might want and could easily afford. But the summer is a dead time for gigs, and I am poor.  So I've taken an idea that I've used to make presents for friends and family and opened it up to everyone!

Custom Musical Cryptograms!

Would you like to have an original musical composition based on your name or a phrase performed by a professional classical oboist? I can turn any text into custom music, play and record it on oboe or English horn, and send you a high quality mp3 or wav that you can enjoy. Use it as a unique ringtone, theme music for your YouTube channel, or a special gift for the person who has everything!

Say you're playing in a D&D game and your Dungeon Master calls. You want to know it's her, so you commission me to turn the title "Dungeon Master" into music and use it as your ringtone.

I use the same method JS Bach used to turn his name into music, and can make alterations depending on if you'd like something that sounds more happy or sad. I can even vary the tempo to be as fast or slow as you want!

My current rate is $10 for around 10 seconds of music, with discounts for multiple orders. You can choose a high quality mp3 or wave file, and if you want I'll even send you a scan of the sheet music I created so you can see the actual notes! I'm even running an RTX special...order before the end of June and I guarantee your order within 24 hours of receiving payment!

You can PM me here, or send me an email at INFO AT OBOECRAZY DOT COM to get more information and get yourself something unique!