So, Since i've been reintroducing myself to the internet lately, I believe its time for me to return to my home cookin'.


The reason I burned out on streaming last year was because my outlook changed on it.  It turned from being something I did for fun into something I was constantly stressing about because I was always searching for success.  Well - Fuck all that.

This time around, I have new gadgets, new games, and most importantly, I'll have Co-hosts! 

Allow me to introduce to you, "WTOTW"  (The actual title will be revealed on our First Stream, but I'd love to hear some guesses to what this Acronym Means!)

Our First "Pilot" Stream is going to be THIS SATURDAY! TOMORROW! 6PM CST, 7PM EST, 4 PM PST on my old channel at

WTOTW is a collective of 5 of us ( and maybe some guests?!) who came to be extremely close through this website (well....the last iteration that is)  And while we live states (and countries) apart, we can still find time after work to hang and play games.....and drink...a lot...... lots of drink....

The team will be: Myself, @Raf , @DrHairz , @Shoban, and @HeyJambi (Mark didn't give me his RT name so i'm assuming that's it......yyeeaahhh)

What's different about this little project is that the focus is less on the actual game and more on getting people together to hang and have a good time.  We all used to be very close and would always hang in a skype call or in each other's streams, which led to some great times, great inside jokes, and great overall shenanigans, with a few wacky Twists and Turns included. 

(This is the last paragraph I swear...I really need to organize my thoughts to make this stuff digestible..)

This project came about this RTX when we sat around and reminisced about the crazy shit that happened when we all streamed, and since we all have split our separate ways since that time, we figured a good reunion was in order, not just for us but for everyone who was always with us watching and supporting as well!

In closing, I hope you can join us for this little project we're putting together in order to reminisce about the ridiculous fun we've had on this streaming platform!

Again - we're streaming from Tomorrow - Saturday the 29th of July at 6cst/7EST/4PM PST - Until then!