It's been about a month since I've been on here.  Last I checked in, I was in a shelter in Louisiana after Hurricane Harvey decided to trash our region.

I, and the cats arrived home safely. The flood did not get into our house.

The rain, however, wrecked it. The ceiling anyway.

The drywall started outright collapsing and fell in @Myshu 's room.  Her bed had to be tossed, poor thing.

The ceiling in the bathroom is covered with black mold. (yes we've scrubbed it, it keeps growing back).
Our useless Landlady said, right after the hurricane, that she'd "see us tomorrow".

That was three weeks ago, now I believe. She won't answer our calls or texts.  We have tried finding a new place, but everywhere is either flood-damaged or already full.

Which is where I come to this:

As many of you know, @DevilMayCrye and myself have been engaged for a while now. We found each other right here, on 6 years ago. We've been trying to save up so I can legally immigrate to Australia. We would like to finally live together permanently, though, and get married.

But because of Harvey, we reach yet another set-back in saving up. The house, and one job is shut down while the other is going to have me clocking less hours. And I am now in an unsafe living situation.
So we have set up a GoFundMe page, in the hopes that we can get at least some help moving this along and getting me somewhere not filled with mold spores and scary overhead drywall.

If you cannot donate, I understand. Millennials be poor. But if you could please share on your social media, we would be so incredibly thankful.

Love you guys, and I will try to remember to check in on here more often. Hopefully things will be less crazy soon? *crosses fingers*