As of today, I have been a member of this site for seven years.


I cannot tell you just how much of my life has changed since then. And because of it. Becoming a member of this community was an action that led to so much more.

I may not always agree with how the company is doing things these days. But the community will always be important to me. Even if it changes to the point that none of the old members are around anymore, my memories of the Rooster Teeth community will be coated with a layer of gratitude. 

I was pulled out of an abusive situation by people I met on this site. I live with an artist I met here. I'm engaged to someone I met here, and someone from this site is the Best Man(well, Woman). I have actual friends that weren't vetted by someone else first. 

It's just... amazing to think its been so long. I love you guys.