Hey, everyone. 

Happy Thanksgiving to our U.S. community! To the rest of the world, enjoy your Thursday while we stuff our fat, dumb American faces and shop for cheap electronics. Anyway, before I get out of here for the long weekend I wanted to drop a note with a few updates on Double Gold membership and the RT Box. It’s been awhile since my last update, but we recently sent out a survey that many of you guys eagerly responded to (thank you so much for that, it helps more than you know) and I want to address a few things that were mentioned:

Overall, you guys seem to really like what we’re doing with the RT Box. I think the product we ship each month has improved in both quality and design, and I’m really excited about something new we’ll be starting with the December box, and for each box moving forward (you ready to collect some cool and exclusive shit?) That said, we still don’t do a very good job at shipping the box out on time each month. Coordinating a bunch of product, getting it into a box and off to your house is a pretty big challenge, and we know we have to do better. Starting next year we’re going to be making some BIG changes that’ll make better use of the small team we have here, and also improve the value and quality of each RT Box. Stay tuned - we should have the  full details before Christmas.

Another thing we’ve learned since launching Double Gold membership is that the monthly Q&A is not popular. We’ve decided that the time and effort it takes for Chelsea and the folks involved each month to put together is not something many people take advantage of, and therefore, we’ve decided to cancel those moving forward. We look forward to brainstorming some other perks to add in its absence.

That’s  it for now. One last thing though - if you were a Double Gold member and you cancelled, hit me up with a message or leave a comment and let me know why. We’re trying to learn and do better, so any feedback you have is welcome. 

Thanks, y’all!