Among the exciting hires we have made recently is a gentleman named Eric Vespe, who is a longtime friend and for years was the primary editorial voice behind one of the worlds oldest entertainment sites.

One of the things that Eric is known for is his extensive Holiday Gift Guide for people who love movies, comics and video games. I’ve mentioned the guide many times on social media (especially when he was kind enough to include RvB boxsets). I’m proud to say that Eric’s 2017 gift guide will be debuting on RT this week.

I also think it’s important to disclose that the Guide has always been supported by retail affiliate links. This is not something we have widely implemented previously at RT but I think it’s important for us to find seamless ways to support new content that don’t impact the community. Nonetheless it’s important that we be transparent when trying these things. 

Basically the way it works is that if you click on a link from the guide it will take yiu to the product’s site and if you were to buy anything during that visit, Rooster Teeth is paid a fee. This does not affect the price of the item nor does it influence the products Eric chooses to highlight. Proceeds from the Guide will be used to fund new productions and hopefully hire new people at The Know. 

We will also include a disclosure at the bottom of each installment of the Gift Guide.

Hope that you’ll support Eric’s incredible amount of work that he puts into finding some really amazing gift ideas for the geeks in your life.