Wow, what a year it's been for me! A lot has changed!

Sorry I haven't been on here very much. Work has sucked my energy dry, with still more stuff I'm uncovering as criminal... sooooo fun, and trying to balance social life/online life has taken a big hit. But I hope everyone has a nice New Years!

Me and the Hubby-To-Be were gonna go to a onesie party, but he got sick...

Guess who wore her onesie anyway?


Of course I bought a Pikachu one. And yes I'm 31.

It's so comfy.

So what are my goals for 2018?

-Finish my bookie/Get it published (My first book became my second book so now I have to finish the new first book...... yeah.)

-Make more profit off my music. Hopefully I can pull this off and put some of my stuff into advertising and whatnot

-Find a new job. I like being an accountant. I like working with computers. I hate how I'm suddenly a secretary... (I don't take well to authority lol) 

-Get lasik surgery. Because dear god I hate being blind. 

-Sell more photography! 1 & 2 

Plus a whole lot of boring one step things to get myself together. 

Gotta be my best me! 

How are my RT lovers doing??