I tend to be very sporadic when it comes to buying comics, and I definitely fall in the group of people who when you can't find an issue or two that you missed when you try to catch up on physical issues, you stop reading a series completely. Well today I've begun the attempt to change that by going digital and doing my catching up with Comixology! These are the series I want to commit to:

The Punisher (2016)

Believe this is the final Punisher series that Steve Dillon (RIP) worked on. Frank Castle has been one of my favorite Marvel characters pretty much always.


Unabashed, no f**ks given sci-fi fantasy. Lovers from opposite sides of an intergalactic war running for their lives in a universe so weird the Doctor Who writers would have to be impressed.


An Austin kind of slice of life book about women who do roller derby. 

Archie (2015)

My sister did more of the Archie reading growing up, but I got into this new series. It's modernly goofy. I especially like the first arc because it's the same artist who does Saga.

Motor Crush

Imagine if Speed Racer was also street racing for drugs!


This is me being a wrestling dork. It's mainly about a wrestler on the back end of his career, done in the ring, but lingering connections to the business and the underworld pull him back into everything he wanted to leave behind.

Sex Criminals

Definitely for mature readers, clever and hilarious if the premise doesn't turn you away. Turns out there are people in the world that when they orgasm, time stops! What do you do in that moment? Crime/vigilante justice! Anime watchers or manga readers of Prison School or Keijo would appreciate this.

Deadly Class

Instead of magic, Hogwarts is now a school for assassins, and all the top crime lords in the world send their children here. It gets dark.

Curse Words

I think back to the old South Park episode where it's big news that a broadcast TV show will say the word "shit," and in the process of everything it turns out that "curse words" are actual words of curse and things go crazy. That's why I picked this one up in the first place.

Suiciders (2015)

Dystopian Los Angeles where the favorite entertainment of the masses is the bloodsport of Suiciders. Part Running Man, part Escape from LA.

And the one I now want to start is Heavy Vinyl. Empire Records meets Fight Club. What could possibly go wrong?

That's my list at the moment, and I'm curious what everyone else is reading!