As I write this, the last vlog is in processing and preparing to post to the Rooster Teeth site. It was A rare treat for me to work on the last video in the series, knowing that it was the end. An odd side effect of all your ongoing support is that not many of our shows come to a conclusion. So, it was a new and enjoyable experience to plan the end of a series.

This final vlog is a little different and I think you will see how pretty quickly. I had this idea for something called a “quiet vlog” and this seemed like a great chance to make it. Since the series started with the Monday vlog, I felt it was appropriate to end with the Friday vlog. This time, we follow just one person through their day. I could easily see us doing it a few more times with different people, if people like the format.

I hope that’s the case. Thanks for supporting me for a year on this project. See you on the next one.