Hey everyone! If you follow our YouTube channel, we've already been talking about this for a week, but we'd love to take a minute and let you know about our new charity streaming event!

After our second annual Extra Life Stream with our friends at RTSTL, the room unanimously decided that it was too much fun to do only once per year!

Enter the BIGBITE Block Party!

This will be a series of live-streamed events, interspersed throughout the year, partnering with local communities to benefit various charities! 

Our first BIGBITE Block Party event will be on Saturday, February 17th, 2018, from 5pm-10pm CST (GMT-6). We'll be hanging out with our friends from RTSTL, having fun  and  playing  games, all while raising money for Saint Louis Children's Hospital! You can get in on the action at YouTube.com/BIGBITEMedia, or Twitch.tv/BIGBITEMedia! Be sure to subscribe to those channels so that you know when we go live!

Oh, one more thing! We have some brand new shirts in the store, so you can get some fresh threads while helping us raise money for charity! All sales of the BIGBITE Block Party design will always benefit the charity we're fundraising for!

We'll see you at the party!