Hi there,

Since 2011, I’ve been COO and then President of Fullscreen, the company that bought Rooster Teeth in 2014. I was a huge champion of the partnership with Matt and Burnie and was thrilled after the deal to add Rooster Teeth to my diverse responsibilities.  My role at Rooster Teeth was simple, help Matt and Burnie manage and grow Rooster Teeth without messing up the internal/external community and culture. The game plan from the earliest days was as follows: make more great content, make bigger content, invest in talent, invest in community. I’m proud of what we have accomplished so far, but realize there is much work to do.

For the last two years of this role I have travelled back and forth between LA (my home and the home of Fullscreen) and Austin. The travel was taxing, but more than worth it. In that time my life at home has grown. In March of 2017 my wife and I welcomed twins to our family. Over the past year my passion for the Rooster Teeth business has grown as well. In November we relocated to Austin so our family could be together. With this move and a new year upon us, I am happy to formalize my new role as President of Rooster Teeth.

I have never been more passionate about a job in my career and more optimistic about the opportunity I have been given. Let me explain:

  1. Burnie and Matt are legit. I have worked with many executives and these guys are top notch. They both have an amazing mix of creative and business acumen, and despite massive success, they remain super humble, great dudes. They deeply care about the content, the team, and the community.

  2. Rooster Teeth is made up of incredibly creative people who make amazing content. Every day I’m blown away by the talent in front of or behind the camera, and the fantastic support team who help make it all work.

  3. The Rooster Teeth community is unrivaled. You are what makes Rooster Teeth special.

  4. The entertainment landscape is transforming and Rooster Teeth is well positioned to continue to thrive in this new digital world.

With that all said, I feel super lucky to be a part of this company and this community. We are going to try our best to continue to make the content you love and create the best online and offline experiences.


I look forward to meeting and interacting with more of you in the years to come.

Very best,