Hi folks!

I film some weird stuff sometimes, but I do jackshit with it.  My solution to this is a new think I'm starting called 'Aidan's Modern Life'.  The idea is that when I film something or I'm doing something, I'll film a small chunk of it and put into a video.  To test this, I forced myself to film everyday for 4 days just to see if it worked as a general concept, and it did (surprisingly).

You can find the first one [here]!

I want it to cover not only the interesting parts of what I do, but also the kinda mundane things.

I also plan to not film everyday, maybe just have the video once a month with whatever I filmed in that month.

I went to the Scotland/France Rugby on the weekend, that was really fun!  France ended up getting a try in the first 2 minutes which made me think that the whole game wasn't going to go well for Scotland (since they've not had a good track record since last game), but it turned around in the second half which is great for the people supporting Scotland, I guess!  32-26.

I'm also going down to Manchester mid-week, I haven't been down there since summer of last year, so it'll be really good.  I always remember how much I'd like to live in that kind of place, just because they're is so much more stuff compared to where I'm at haha.  

I've been watching Backwardz Compatible recently and I forgot how much I loved listening to Miles just react to random games, he's just such an excitable guy that his energy rubs off!

That's all for now though, thanks for reading if you are reading!