Pomegranates- pros and cons

9 years ago

Like these things. wow. Okay:

1. like yummmmmmm!!!!!
2. healthy smiley0.gif
3. come on i have to think of at least three...uhhhhhh red!!! nice color.

1. like too many letters. spelling the name of a fruit shouldn't be that hard.
2. the fact that you look like a cannibal after you're done eating one....
3. red juice stains. smiley4.gif
4. like not having napkins around when you need them. Okay thats not really to do with the pomegranate. but like.....its related....
...... you know??

i dont know if you've figured this out yet but i just had a pomegranate. pom for shot. and it like......inspired my creative genius. also the fact that im obsessed with them, having not seen one for like five years. soooooooooo yep. smiley12.gif

Comments (7)

  • sev_ered


    9 years ago

    what about the fun quality in eating them?

  • H34t_S33k3R


    9 years ago

    Yummy just dont' wear white when you eat them

  • batosi


    9 years ago


  • xXCabooseXx


    9 years ago

    hmm i never had one either so either im not important or not loved

  • 0TJ0


    9 years ago

    i think those are the things that my g'ma gets once a year but she called them somthing else (googled the name u called it and they look the same) she has a frind from arizona or nevada and i think she brings them up for her, ill hav to check

  • greenblur


    9 years ago

    i like em too...but they hardly have them around here, and they are pretty messy

  • Jimmybaby


    9 years ago

    ive never had one. i feel left out lol