Contrary to the fact that the title of this entry may lead you to believe I am happy about this life thing that you humans seem to guard religiously (literally) I am not happy with it at all. This world is self-destructive. I like that part though. As long as I stay here I am not sure how my grip on reality is going to hold before I lose it and bring forth the apocolypse that awaits in a big black box that sits under my bed and makes noises while I sleep. Further more the only reason this miserable planet survives is due souly to one human emotion. An emotion that can rip the person apart but keep the people whole. Ironic huh? If that is all that holds it then that raises questions in my head. Love makes you blind. Blindness is a cause for stupidity for those who are not really blind but fail to see the obvious. Critical descions become so unimportant that there seriousness and obliviousness are overlooked. People cry out in the darkness. I sit center and all I can feel is pain and anguish. Torchered butchered served to there master as steaks and the only thing I can do for there pleas is laugh. And feast on what used to be their legs as they watch me rip the meat from the bone. Bad man? Who can truely decifer what good and bad are? God? It seems as if the whole world is brainwashed into thinking his is good. He will torcher you, but you forgive because it happened and there must have been a reason, as the old saying goes..."The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways." God has his own motives as do we. See as how we where made in his image. Desolve a rare stone in sulfic acid and gain nothing for there wasn't a lesson to learn other then learning the moral of DON'T BE STUPID. Ok, enough for one day. I am going to sleep. And it's about time I am hitting day three and I hope I sleep without dream. Lord help me with that.