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36 year-old female from Tigard, OR
"I cannot speak well enough to be unintelligible." -Jane Austen

Note: I do not accept random friend requests, so I hope you can handle rejection. Naturally, this does not apply to other CTAs, Mods, and Staff. Yes, I am an elitist snob. Deal with it.

Note: If you ask me to vote for you, and I don't know you, I will vote for your competitor.

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Baby!So yeah, remember that baby I was pregnant with? I gave birth on May 30th. Justin and I are totally parents. Crazy, huh?
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Name Robyn
Occupation LMS Administrator
Birthday November 17th, 1978
Interests I work in the IT department for an online high school administering their learning management system. I'm a part-time grammar nazi and an eerie cross between your high school English teacher and the nerdy kid who used to sit behind you in class programming her calculator. I love everything to do with computers and/or gadgets of just about any kind. Building computers is one of my favorite hobbies especially working on my HTPC and Home Server. I love gaming and I divide what little time I have for it between the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. I also love gaming on my iPhone and Android tablet with all the cheap/free games available on those platforms. Score! I also read way way too much and now that I can carry an entire library in my purse or pocket I'm never without a book. I already have too many degrees (and school loans) for my own good. So stay in school kids. (But stay out of it once you have your degree!)
Games Show 22 More
Music Showtunes and Rap. (Yeah really.)
Movies A Fish Called Wanda Titanic Troop Beverley Hills Get Shorty Galaxy Quest Ever After You've Got Mail Noises Off Serenity (is it cheating to list Red vs. Blue?) I might have to add Avatar and I haven't added a new movie to this list in years!
TV Shows I CURRENTLY WATCH: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart The Colbert Report Bones Leverage Heroes House 24 Medium Boston Legal NCIS Deliver Me Big Medicine and Dr G: Medical Examiner. MY OLD FAVORITES ARE: ER Scrubs Sex and the City Will & Grace Firefly Terminator Dollhouse Get Smart Mork & Mindy Bewitched Whose Line is it Anyway?
Books Holy Shisno I can't keep up with this section. Put it to you this way: I love Jane Austen and I was an English major in college. Books are awesome. YOU SHUD GO REED MOAR NAO!! [=^D