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35 year-old female from Tigard, OR
"I cannot speak well enough to be unintelligible." -Jane Austen

Note: I do not accept random friend requests, so I hope you can handle rejection. Naturally, this does not apply to other CTAs, Mods, and Staff. Yes, I am an elitist snob. Deal with it.

Note: If you ask me to vote for you, and I don't know you, I will vote for your competitor.

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Baby!So yeah, remember that baby I was pregnant with? I gave birth on May 30th. Justin and I are totally parents. Crazy, huh?
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Name Robyn
Occupation LMS Administrator
Birthday November 17th, 1978
Interests I work in the IT department for an online high school administering their learning management system. I'm a part-time grammar nazi and an eerie cross between your high school English teacher and the nerdy kid who used to sit behind you in class programming her calculator. I love everything to do with computers and/or gadgets of just about any kind. Building computers is one of my favorite hobbies especially working on my HTPC and Home Server. I love gaming and I divide what little time I have for it between the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. I also love gaming on my iPhone and Android tablet with all the cheap/free games available on those platforms. Score! I also read way way too much and now that I can carry an entire library in my purse or pocket I'm never without a book. I already have too many degrees (and school loan<s) for my own good. So stay in school kids. (But stay out of it once you have your degree!)
Games Show 22 More
Music Showtunes and Rap. (Yeah really.)
Movies A Fish Called Wanda Titanic Troop Beverley Hills Get Shorty Galaxy Quest Ever After You've Got Mail Noises Off Serenity (is it cheating to list Red vs. Blue?) I might have to add Avatar and I haven't added a new movie to this list in years!
TV Shows I CURRENTLY WATCH: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart The Colbert Report Bones Leverage Heroes House 24 Medium Boston Legal NCIS Deliver Me Big Medicine and Dr G: Medical Examiner. MY OLD FAVORITES ARE: ER Scrubs Sex and the City Will & Grace Firefly Terminator Dollhouse Get Smart Mork & Mindy Bewitched Whose Line is it Anyway?
Books Holy Shisno I can't keep up with this section. Put it to you this way: I love Jane Austen and I was an English major in college. Books are awesome. YOU SHUD GO REED MOAR NAO!! [=^D