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31 year-old male from Fortville, IN
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Gen Con IndyGoing Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday (if I am not completely exhausted by then. Anyone else going to be there?

edit: This will mark my fourth year for those of you playing along at home!
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Name Jeremy
Occupation Onsite Computer Repair Technician
Birthday April 19th, 1984
Interests Gaming Art Music RvB(duh) and reading different stuff.
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Music I'll give almost any type a chance. New Age Electronica/Dance Rock and lots of stuff from the 80's. One rule none of that crap current artists call R n B it isn't. BB King is an R and B artist.
Movies Anything Monty Python as well as the projects the members took up later A Fish Called Wanda and the Terry Gilliam project better known as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Still like python Graham Chapman is one of my heroes. I am a big fan of the Hitchcock classic North By Northwest.
TV Shows Heroes The Daily Show The Colbert Report 12.oz mouse ATHF as well as several others.
Books Currently I am reading Fear and Loathing: on the Campaign Trail ';72. I am also reading a little of the classic xmen Jack Kirby FTW
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