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32 year-old male from Rockford, IL
well ummmm.......yeah nothing comes to mind.........anything anyone wants to know........just ask
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Mr JobsThere are many who are adamantly against any Apple product. There are others who feel that owning an Apple product of any kind is just a status symbol. What ever your opinion of the company we all have to admit that Steve Jobs was an innovator and he will be remembered as such.

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Name Eric Pence
Occupation I drive a forklift....it goes fast. I also annoy people, that's just pro bono work.
Birthday July 12th, 1982
Interests whatever breaks up the unending dullness when i'm not working or hanging out with friends
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Music Coheed and Cambria Sevendust Metallica Flogging Molly Black Sabbath Black Label Society Pantera (Phil Anselmo is a douchebag) DamagePlan Hellyeah Drowning Pool Mudvayne Slipknot Symphony X Ayreon Untold Legacy Pistol Pete and many more....(side note....has anyone ever thought to question why the guys put this site up and had such horrible examples for stuff people put in here so pretty much anything that can get me pumped while i'm either kicking ass or getting my ass kicked in Halo....i mean seriously anyone that's on this site building a profile isn9;t going to add Britney Spears in here and be serious about it are they?)
Movies Zombieland was fucking hilarious like the Matrix trilogy 300 the Brotherhood of the Wolf Equilibrium Batman Begins (i'm glad their going back and doing the storyline closer to the book now) most Marvel movies (although X Men Origins Wolverine was an abomination i can't believe how much the perverted Deadpool in that movie i'm just waiting to see a Deadpool comic to come out where he asks how he got all those powers in the movie but not in the comic) various other movies too many to name
TV Shows love Heroes so far this season i've gotten hooked on Flash Forward Ghost Hunters Smallville Seven Days (wish that went further than it did good premise for a show just didn't have the following) hate reality shows and glorified talent shows i watch different stuff here or there
Books the Strain from Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan i can't wait till the sequel comes out in June also like John Grisham and Stephen King and various other authors