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20 year-old male from Indiana
I'm a simple man with a simple dream of playing the leading role in Planet of the Apes: the Musical.
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After MidnightWell, I'm going to write whatever comes to my mind every minute because I'm bored...
12:20 - If granted any super power of my choosing, I would pick the ability to turn anything I touch into muffins.
12:21 - I was sitting in class today and noticed that the window was open... so if the happening occured in that period, I'd be fucked.
12:22 - Between pancakes and waffles, I choose waffles as a whole, pancakes on the weekends.
12:23 - I wish other foods could be filled with jelly like donuts...
12:24 - It bothers me that a large amount of cartoon characters don't wear pants...
12:25 - I wonder how much I'd have to spend annually on moustache wax to maintain an evil villian curl...
12:26 - Fortune cookies aren't so fortunate for diabetics...
12:27 - If life is like a box of chocolates, we should all be buried in gigantic cardboard hearts.
12:28 - I realized today that my friend and I could both hit the high notes in "Barbara Anne", that's very odd...
12:29 - Cheese!
12:30 - I bought Newton Balls at the Smithstonian for 10 bucks and they don't do shit...
12:31 - When I first heard of Red Faction Guerilla I though it was a game about a silverback that caused havoc in the rainforest.
12:32 - My favorite color of starburts is yellow.
12:33 - I once heard of a discount overweight psychic that dealt with rappers, in other words, a large medium helped biggie smalls for little. Ha... god, I'm not funny
12:34 - 1234! I'm still bored...
12:35 - My friends call me squirrely, but that's just because I'm a little bit nuts! Ha cha cha cha cha cha!
12:36 - If my house was ever attacked by zombies, I would plant sunflowers and watermelons in my front yard, then bury some landmines for extra precaution.
12:37 - Tits!
12:38 - Oh, I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay! I sleep all night and I work all day!
12:39 - Stephen King's "Salem's Lot" made me think twice about returning to my home town after college.
12:40 - I'm surprised PETA hasn't rallied against gummy bears yet... they make me want to gnaw on a grizzly.
12:41- I contract my previous statement... grizzies are fucking gigantic, so I assume PETA knows that no one will fuck with da bears.
12:42 - I like to come up with a different name for the act of pooping each time I take a dump.
12:43 - Mahogany...
12:44 - If all fibbles are floobles, and all floobles are fabbles, then all fabbles can kiss my ass... I hate fibbles.
12:45 - If monkeys learn how to use slingshots, the zoo would be a very dirty place...
12:46 - Mango.
12:47 - My laptop has 3 USB ports... but I have 4 USB cords... my life is ruined!
12:48 - I also have a USB drive... sonuvabitch!
12:49 - I prefer most things shaken, not stirred... except for babies... neither of those things should ever happen to babies...
12:50 - I've been doing this for 30 minutes... does that make me egotistical or mental?
12:51 - I'm going to read this post tomorrow and immediately enroll myself in therapy.
12:52 - I wonder how many other people still use AOL 9.1
12:53 - I lost a pencil in my Latin class, then immediately saw the person sitting next to me using it... they wouldn't admit that they stole it... but they'll talk once I finsih installing my crocodile pit...
12:54 - obtaining salt water for the pit is taking awhile, but it should be up and running within the week.
12:55 - Chevy Chase is my favorite of the Three Amigos..
12:56 - Poptarts rock!
12:57 - I hate to visit previously discussed topics yet again, but thanks to Stephen King, I can't drive through mist without peeing a little.
12:58 - The world would be awesome if there was just one dinosaur left... and it knew how to pilot a helicopter...
12:59 - It's almost 1! I should probably get to sleep...
1:00 - Psych! I'm not going anywhere, beeatch!
1:01 - Why did I say beeatch? I'm talking to myself... I've got some serious mental issues...
1:02 - What ever happened to Pepsi One? Is it still around?
1:03 - I wonder how Master Chief pees...
1:04 - My favorite sherbert is lime.
1:05 - 45 minutes! Huzzah!
1:06 - If I had a million dollars, I'd buy a jello pudding cup every day and give it to a random person who I don't know every day for the rest of my life... or I'd blow it in one day...
1:07 - 7 is a lucky number, but it is also cannibalistic
1:08 - Fare thee well, 9, fare thee well...
1:09 - How long did it take to make the train scene from the episode of Wallace and Gromit with the penguin? A long fucking time is my guess...
1:10 - almost an hour... and I'm still not tired...
1:11 - *sigh*
1:12 - I've still got my mind on cheese... damn you, Wallace!
1:13 - If I ever would rob a bank, I would wear nothing but a ski mask and socks... they'd know I was a robber the moment they saw me, but hey, I enjoy the breeze.
1:14 - I wonder if glasses made out of hawk eyes would be a good idea...
1:15 - Nope.
1:16 - Oklahoma!
1:17 - 117, a spartan like no other... except maybe jorge... moustache.
1:18 - 2 by 4...
1:19 - Hardy's/Carl's Jr. ... Why?
1:20 - And with that, I say adieu!
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