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31 year-old male from Austintown, OH
Life is too short. Have fun and go crazy while you still can.
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I have not used this account in a long time despite watching lots of roosterteeth stuff online. I made this account 9 years ago when i was 21 in college and probably drunk. As I am coming back to the community to some degree, don't want to go by this name, and there is no username change feature, I have made a new account. nojkoor1584 is me
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Name Jonathan
Occupation Software Engineer, and Writer/Actor
Birthday January 5th, 1984
Interests Writing Gambling Video Gaming
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Music Whatever my car's huge ass speakers are playin
Movies Ocean's 11 Cowboy Bebop Movie Don Quixote The Man of La Mancha Musical Punnisher Identity The Producers Fight Club Breakfast Club Animal House
TV Shows Adultswim Comedy and Action as well as some of the good anime's like IGPX and Naruto on Toonami on Cartoon Network. Unless its pokemon or some other kids show on CN. South Park kicks ass too.
Books Lord of the Rings Hobbit