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Soft Meat Reviews: Kane and Lynch 2Hey guys,

Today I will be reviewing Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days but I'm doing it a little differently than my previous reviews. I explain in the video, but I'll go ahead and put it here anyway.

Due to he nature of this game (i.e. how fucking horrible it is) I figured it would be incredibly boring to do the review the same way I have in the past so I decided to use this opportunity to experiment with a new review style.

As opposed to writing a script in advance and recording the footage to match it, I recorded both the audio and the video at the same time to give it a less stuffy feel so I can feel more comfortable talking about how awful the game is.

I would really appreciate it if you guys could tell me what you think about this new style and whether or not I should go back to my original way of doing it or give me some suggestions on an entirely new way of doing it. I'm open to anything you guys can throw at me.


Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days (Video Review)

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