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25 year-old female from In Your Closet. >:3
Im really 17.
Hey everyone, i guess i should tell you a little about myself.
well..theres not really much..
i like to draw and watch anime, and quite frankly..i think im pretty damn good.lol.
Just trying to find my place in the world like everyone else..which is a little hard right now but im wingin' it.
Im also very blunt and im not afriad to speak my mind.
well..if you'd like to know more juss send me a message..and yes i do accept all random friend requests.

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college life.Mkkay thought i should post a new journal..i need to stop being so lazy :P
umm college is pretty awesome. The people there rock, but the work sucks.
been busting meh butt getting everything done, which is why i havent been paying attention to all my close buddies on here. (sorry dudes)
welp, guess thats it..
hit me up dawgs ;)
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Name Kayla
Occupation student
Birthday March 27th, 1990
Interests Drawing chillin' with friends and surfin the web.
Music Korn My chemical romance panic at the disco Nirvana A.F.I. Flyleaf Hikaru Utada simple plan Good Charlotte 3 days grace....there are some others..
Movies HORROR!!!!!!! and Anime of course....
TV Shows Inuyasha FMA Naruto Yu Yu hak Fruits basket cowboy-bebop Trigun Wolf's rain Samuri Champloo Death Note Bleach Trinity Blood Angel Sanctuary Chrono Crusade...etc..
Books Manga Twilight New Moon Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.