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25 year-old female from i cant tell you ... noah said so
Helloz there :]
i am teh aWesUMLy FABULOUS RaChie :D
im 18 i LuBS to smile and has fun
i am a colorful person its way more exciting
i love me mates and my wonderful fiancee more then ne thing
i am me own person i have different views then mostly everyone
i smoke IMAGINARY crack its delicious try some

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im backim back :} hopefully for good :}
less shit going on now that im married :}
which i will gladly brag about now
it was perfect :}
well except the fact that i laughed the entire way down the isle the entire time there and the entire time back
i warned everyone but everyone thought i would cry
which i did eventually because i was laughing so hard
so the honeymoon was BEAUTIFUL we went to Florida ( Indian shores right below clear water)
and then we came back
and my grandpa had a heart attack D: and had to have surgery but he came back on my birthday
and i turned 21 :D
and got drunk and chased a cat threw a cemetery
and then we went to mo to get a PUPPY shes a little wiener and the cutest thing ever (next to my other dog)
and then stephen turned 19
and we got drunk and chased that effing cat through the cemetery again
then we went up north and it was the most amazing break ever
we swam like 4 hours every day and we did an amazing firework show
so life is good....
everyone should tell me about what ive missed :}
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Name Rachel- Rachie^_^
Occupation Hooker.. working on a corner near you XP
Birthday June 15th, 1990
Interests ur Mom ... hmm lets see i like SHINY things and stuff with COLORZ..AIDS FOR UR EYES is A-maZing driving AND getting lost with NOAh being with the BoY :]' John SinGing to ME SUpeR MARIO XD on SNES ShhMiLes XD MOvies^_^ Concerts :] taTToos.. piercCINgs.. bODy modiFICATions Funky fonts All SortZ o Music JAzzy Lingo makes ThinGz FanTaBulous watching StaRs SleepIngz In WeirD PlaCEZ My FRIEnds they are Teh KeWLest SecRets ANn ARbor. NEW and ExcITing PeoPLE always RAWK i LOBE tueSdAYs Hair is what i shall be going to skewl for :] tHinGs that Make me SmiLE I love ICeeZ :D
Music Korn System of a Down Mindless Self INdulgence Mary Magdalan INcubus Our LAdy Peace T.I Bloodhoond Gang ICP Tech N9ne Kotton Mouth Kings Nine INch Nails NIckle back Maximum the harmones Adam SAndler Alein Ant Farm Beastie BOys Beatles Kid Rock Tila Tequila BEck Blink 182 Eminem Elvis Billy Joel Blue October Bradley Hathaway Bone Crusher BUsta Rhymes DMX Buck CHerry D4L Linkin PArk LUDACRIS ok so i dont LOVE all these bands... i just wanted to be cool lol well i do like them i just dont listen to all there songs.. well some i do.. but not all
Movies I LOVE MOVIES slc punk jackass(all of them) tenatious d and the pic of destiny waiting borat monty python smoking aces the last unicorn dude wheres my car fern gully lion king thirteen ghosts the skeliton key spiderman 1 and 3(NOT 2) talladega nights Saved Hot Fuzz the butterfly effect pans labrinth nacho libre saw(all) Constantine 40 yr old virgin my cousin vinny war of the worlds without a paddle eurotrip rocky horror picture show harball 300 labrinth sleepy hallow memoirs of a geisha lady in the water sorority boys super man returns rv corpse bride stay alive silent hill duplex night at the museum not another teen movie scary movies1-? the notebook davinci code i robot big daddy underworld1-2 the day after tomarrow panic room anger management fried green tomatoes big fish descent walking tall charlie and the chocolate factory the wild i now pernounce you chuck and larry pirates of the carribean all Open season black sheep drive through boy eats girl
TV Shows WEEDS simpsons malcomb in the middle futurama grounded for life scrubs HOUSE my name is earl grim adventures fosters home for imaginary frineds! veronica mars nething that entertains me really I HATE DR. PHIL ummm idk thats it really
Books books by augusten burroughs... (running with sissors) umm the secret books i dont read much tho so yeah