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Before I hit "Accept" on friend requests!

I've got a couple of rules before friending people (don't take it personally, I do this to everyone... I like it to mean something), so please answer these questions in a PM:

Where did you see my posts?
What made you decide to friend me?
Why did you say to yourself, "I want THAT asshole as a friend!"
Where are you a frequent poster?
Do we have any shared interests, as far as you can tell?
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Did Arkayne finally get himself banned?I notice he's gone. What's up with that?
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Birthday December 23rd, 1986
Interests I don't know about these new-fangled 'interests'.... I don't want to rock the boat or anything.
Music Some of my favorite bands: The Juliana Theory Something Corporate Muse Anberlin Brand New Bright Eyes Cursive The Dead Milkmen Deathcab for Cutie Me First and the Gimme Gimmes The Pogues Dropkick Murphys Rise Against the Dead Milkmen the Postal Service the Streets Catch-22 Reel Big Fish Rammstein the Cherry Poppin' Daddies June Story of the Year Stutterfly Tsunami Bomb Dresden Dolls and Weezer.
TV Shows Firefly. If you haven't seen it go buy the boxed set. You won't regret it.
Books Shogun The Godfather Ender's Game The Sword of Shannara Catch-22 Brave New World 1984 The Foundation series A Clockwork Orange and anything by Ray Bradbury Kurt Vonnegut Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke.