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29 year-old male from London
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Occupation Hamster trainer/Underwater electrician
Interests Robot anime (surprise surprise). JLA comics. Spawn comics (yes I know there are a lot of haters out there...). O and knives. And fire. yes worrying I know. o well the psychiatrist says I'm normal. well he didnt really say it but I heard his voice in my head
Music Anything goes except extremely shouty hate metal (I hate my life my parents don't understand me etc etc). Am aware many ppl do like em fair nuff to u. Love U2 red hot chilis oasis keane led zeppelin beatles bob dylan clapton (in his cream years) santana (trippy 70s version) Jet Muse Cat Stevens (mellooow) Radiohead (up till OK Computer...not their weird noise stuff) Snow Patrol Rolling Stones Nirvana Queen Green Day Guns n Roses....ok am detecting a pattern here...mostly rock...ok all rock..... I've also recently started getting into Muddy Waters...
Movies Here goes....The Usual Suspects Apocalypse Now Terminator 2 Aliens Primal Fear The Matrix Spartacus (sorry its better then Gladiator) Full Metal Jacket Platoon Once Upon a time in China 2 Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels Dumbo (hey need to balance all this death and violence out) Pulp Fiction Event Horizon (only scary sci-fi film out there) Miss Congeniality (*ahem) will update further when my brain can think
TV Shows TV licenses are expensive besides I don't have time!!!cept for the Simpsons. and random Japanese anime that I can find. This means Transformers (NOT Armada...beast wars is ok..) Evangelion Hellsing (no robots but hey) Gundam (Wing and SEED) Macross Voltron (lions!! that combine to form a giant robot dude!! Power rangers were such a rip-off of him) Naruto. And Scrubs Lost Hustle and Stargate when I can watch it
Books Anything by: Jack Higgins Tom Clancy John Grisham Scott Turow Dan Brown Robin Cook Dale Brown Frederick Forsyth and Lee Child. Will occasionally read the odd Terry Pratchett Stephen King Eric Lustbader Dean Koontz Bernard Cornwell Now the classics: H.G. Wells Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Jules Verne Charles Dickens etc Fave book out of 'em all? The guilty pleasure that is The Runaway Jury by John Grisham.