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Male from Atlanta, GA
Hello my name is Peter,
I am a full time student at Emory University in Atlanta GA. I am studying to be Music Performance Major, though I find myself surrounded by Pre-Med and Pre-Law peoples where ever I look....
Perhaps I should think about actually majoring in something that makes money.... Hmmm...

I discovered video games during my enslavement in the K-12 education system. Though I be came most active during the last 4 years of enslavement A.K.A High School. There I spent the majority of my time bored in class scheming and at times plotting how to make my escape to the band room.

Questions, just ask.
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Watching Podcast #204 . . . . . . . . Hearing Gavin's half backed ideas / thoughts / knowledge of the world........ Makes me want to stay in school.

Gus on the other hand is just straight beast mode all the time and makes school irrelevant...
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Name peter
Occupation Full-time Student @ Emory University - & - Emory College Computing Support (ECCS)
Birthday October 3rd
Interests Music youtube biking sleeping marching band / Drum Corp Computers hiking mowing the lawn RT - duhh AH - super duhhh ect ect ect... more to follow as i have gotten bored with filling out this section...
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Music Classical. (thats for all you non-music history people who lump all "old stuff" together) but really Baroque Romantic Classical Modern and soundtracks The way I see it without it (classical) none of the shit today would exist.... So yeah. pay respect
Books Master and Commander series - Patrick 'O Brian Mutiny on the Bounty LOTR Red Wall series - Brian Jacques eventually getting around to reading the Halo series....
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