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24 year-old male from Sydney, Australia
Hey everyone! Feel free to send me a friend request, but you should hit me up with a comment on my user profile page first. It's just I want to have talked to everyone on my Friends list at least once.
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Productive dayI needed to reset my brain yesterday. So, I got up early and had another crack at Blender, the program I am now using for 3D.

I worked on Blender for about 12-13 hours and modelled the majority of a major character, bit slower than I used to go, but hey, new program. There are a few things I would like to change, but mostly I'm happy with it. Then between 11pm and 1:30 am this morning, I sketched a page for Pyroette.

I'm not sure if I'm proud of the amount of work I did today, or disgusted at the amount of work time I've lost other days when I don't open any of those programs. Either way, it feels good to be productive.
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