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I'm one of the newer Admins on the Site. If you need help with anything, don't hesitate to ask. But...

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My Work with LinuxSome of you know that when it comes to any version of Linux I'm cursed. Well, for a senior project I needed to install Ubuntu to use some specific software. Below is that story. Also, you may want to read all the parts in red as if they were from a 6 year old.

Me: Okay Ubuntu, are you going to let me install you on Virtual Box?

Ubuntu: Uh, NO!

Me: Really? I'll give you lots of RAM and memory...

Ubuntu: :P

Me: Well, I'm going to force you anyway.


Me: Get. In. There.

Ubuntu: fine...

Me: Okay, now install this program please.

Ubuntu: Booooooooooring!

Me: Just do it...

Ubuntu: *Grumbles*

Me: Thanks. Now how about compiling this?

Ubuntu: With whaaaaat?

Me: That *Po...
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