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What Every Mad Scientist Needs...IS A GIANT LASER!!!

After almost 6 months of waiting, I got my 1.4 W Blue Laser in today!

Some of you might be thinking "1.4 Watts? My flashlight is brighter than that!" Well, interesting bit of math. The beam diameter is about 0.3 cm (Or at least the aperture is). While it doesn't cover much area, the spec for the beam flux is right around 200 KW/m^2. To give you an idea of how much that is, the sun's flux is only a bit over 1 KW/m^2 at peak ground levels. Plus, according to the test results I've been sent, my diode has an extra 0.2 W of juice, giving me the ability to hit a spot with 225 time the power of the sun! BUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

*Cough* *Cough* Ahem, sorry.

Anyway, it is a pretty dangerous piece of hardware. It can burn you (yes, I tried it, yes it gets hot), but that requires you to keep it very still. The scary part is that the light can and will blind you if you don't take precautions. See, the minimum safe distance for this laser is about 175 meters. Call it two football fields, across which if it hits your eye, it can cause damage. Even looking at the beam indirectly can be painful. Look at this:

That's the low power beam. And it nearly washed out my camera! Which is pretty insane. Thankfully, special glasses were included with it. They block out most of the blue light of the laser like so:

See that little dot in the middle? That's a full 1.6 W beam! And you can see some of the illumination from the laser on the table to the bottom.

Anyway, I bought this way back in December when Wicked Lasers was having a massive sale. The reason for the discount was they're no longer selling these to the US. So, if you live in the states, you're out of luck. If not, or if you just want to see the specs, you can buy them here.

Oh, and if you'd rather build one, might I remind you that there's no such thing as overkill?
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