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22 year-old male from Austin, TX
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RFR Policy: If I know you, I'll accept it. If you're active on the site (Karma 10+), I'll probably accept it. Otherwise, don't be surprised or offended if I deny the request.

I'm one of the newer Admins on the Site. If you need help with anything, don't hesitate to ask. But...

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Extra Life!I'm going to be participating in Extra Life once again this year with the Sidequest team!


Unfortunatly, it looks like I'm going to be kicked out of my apartment by family that weekend. I had already promised to go up to DFW that weekend so they could use it before I realized exactly when Extra Life was. Which isn't a problem on Saturday night, but means I have nowhere to stay Friday the 24th. Anyone Austin local willing to lend me a couch that evening? I'll buy you dinner...
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