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Game of Thrones, Season 6This Season was a huge letdown to the point where I had to stop watching because I didn't have the energy to rage week in and week out (I'm slowing down in my old age), but at one point when the showrunners revealed a bunch of people would be dying who aren't dead in the books, I made a prediction somewhere as to who was going to eat shit (Ser Barristan, Myrcella, Mance, close calls on Grey Worm, Jorah, and Bronn). I wish I knew exactly where I posted that, so for the upcoming season, I'm doing that here.

Again, I think the show has become a shell of its former self and won't be watching unless things improve dramatically. I don't really have any interest in debating the merits of show vs. book, just testing my own ability to read storytelling patterns I guess.

SPOILERS to follow.






Jon - stays dead. For a while. Gets resurrected near the end of the season or in Season 7 after the Wall falls.

Tyrion - the Siege of Mereen gets to happen after all, he takes Barristan's place as the one defending it. I actually don't hate this.

Dany - captive for basically the whole season, a blight on how far she's come as a character. Luckily big symbolic Drogon will come in to save her again and empower her to lead her new Khalasar back to Mereen to save the day.

Stannis - not dead, courtesy of Brienne being a better person than him and still having some twisted sense of duty to the Baratheons.

Brienne - helps Stannis regroup, in spite of his general awfulness. Joins up with the Brotherhood without Banners (finally), now lead by Blackfish Tully, and exacting revenge on those goddamn Frey bastards. This is as hopelessly optimistic as my predictions get.

Cersei - dies. Cleganebowl confirmed.

Tommen - dies. See above.

Jaime - keeps bickering with the Dornish. Anything that keeps him from being at King's Landing and developing a sense of duty as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard.

Dornish et al - bicker with Jaime. Continue doing nothing of conseq...
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