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X-men: ApocalypseHere's the outline I just came up with for what X-men: Days of Future Past and X-men: Apocalypse would look like if I had my way.
Days of Future Past will run it's course, not really taking much from the comics except the time travel (maybe Storm getting cooked by a Sentinel for good measure). The climatic battle in the Past pits Young Charles and Erik working together once more to protect the President from malfunctioning Sentinels. Meanwhile in the Future, the Old X-men defend Old Wolverine's body from a Sentinel assault in hopes he can right the Past in time to save them. They have a contingency plan, however, to utilize Blink's mutant powers to time travel themselves to an alternate universe where they can try again. The battle in the Past reaches a fever pitch and.... Young Charles dies.

The President dies. Their mission fails. The Future is utterly destroyed. As Blink and the last contingency of X-men reach for Old Charles, he vanishes before their eyes, having never existed. They're devastated but know they have to run or die. So they run. Bolivar Trask convinces the world into thinking mutants assassinated the President, not his machines. The impact is immediate and Young Magneto takes the surviving members of the X-men into hiding. The world is no longer safe for mutants as Sentinel production pushes ahead at full speed. Trask becomes President, promising to wipe out the mutant threat in the name of all mankind.

Days of Future Past ends on a bleak note, but a whole new outlook on the franchise. How will the X-men look with Magneto at the helm? How will mutants survive in an openly hostile world? What will become of the time-displaced X-men of the erased Future? The film ends with Young Magneto looking through Professor X's journals. He reads a note about a recent discovery -- before Charles died, he thought he had discovered the world's first mutant, one of immense power. Could this be the ally he needs to throw back the Sentinel threat and make a home for mutantkind?

And so we go into X-men: Apocalypse.

The film opens in Egypt. A Pharaoh of old wages war on one of the last of the wild clans. It's less of a battle and more of a slaughter. Men, women, and children alike are cut down without mercy. All but one. An undersized child with pale gray skin sits among the chaos. A soldier approaches him and lifts his sword. The child grabs him and drains his life force. He walks down the Pharaoh, killing soldier after defending soldier until he reaches him and grabs him by the head. As the Pharaoh's soul is ripped from his body, the child begins to take on his characteristics, color filling his pale skin. He is the Pharaoh now. But the army will not accept it. They trap him and bury him alive deep within one of the pyramids, never to be found.

Present day. Mystique and Beast are on a supply run. The city is ramshackle, a byproduct of mutants fighting back to the bitter end before they're executed. They have to dodge patrolling Sentinels. All goes well until they discover a young mutant girl about to be gunned down by a Sentinel. Beast leaps into action and disables it, much to Mystique's chagrin. He thinks he's saved the girl, until a squad of Sentinels surrounds them. It looks like the end. But the pair aren't alone. The X-men leap to their rescue, lead by Magneto. He chastises them for being reckless, but Beast insists they did the right thing: "It's what Charles would have done."

President Trask receives news of the X-men's continued activity, but is unconcerned. He knows it's only a matter of time before the tiny group of rebels is caught. He has bigger fish to fry, namely delivering Sentinels to countries around the globe in their war on mutants. Beast catches wind of this plan and knows it will cripple the mutant resistance, but Magneto refuses to act. He has his own plan to seek a potential ally who could change the balance of power. Beast calls for a group to attack in spite of his orders and Magneto assures him they will not come to their rescue this time.

Beast and his splinter group infiltrate the Sentinel dispatch center only to find there are thousands more than they originally thought. A nuclear-powered Master Mold has been producing them faster than ever. They know it must be destroyed, but barely damage it and at a heavy cost. Only Beast escapes with his life and the fleets of Sentinels launch anyway.

The Sentinels arrive in their respective countries and immediately begin killing mutants by the dozens. There is a collective outcry around the world as thousands, even millions of mutant voices are stifled. Deep within the confines of an ancient sarcophagus.... their prayers are heard.

En Sabah Nuhr bursts from the pyramid, empowered by the millennia of imprisonment and the need of his people. Hundreds of Sentinels respond to the power spike, but their weapons are useless against him. He crushes the opposition much like the scene from his past. Cameras capture the image and in an instant, he becomes a beacon of hope for all mutantkind.

Magneto knows his chance has come. He prepares his X-men to meet with this mutant savior as Beast stumbles in. Magneto doesn't take news of the Master Mold or the splinter group's deaths well. If Beast had followed his lead, they would all still be alive and on their way to a new world for mutants. Beast can't argue. The X-men fly off in the long-dormant Blackbird to join with En Sabah Nuhr.

President Trask goes into lockdown mode, withdrawing American Sentinels from across the country into defensive position around him. He sends Master Mold into overdrive, building his robotic army as fast as possible. Rebel mutant groups begin to gather across America. His leadership is starting to come into question.

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